3R Consultants is a Cairns based bio-industry innovation, project and business development group.

Our team has 100+ years of Cairns, Northern/Southern Australia and UK skills and experience in evaluating, introducing and growing new technologies, projects, methods and businesses.

Our goal is to expand our team through collaboration with universities and other innovative young people and professionals to kick-start the Cairns/NQ Bio-Industrial Revolution. Our role will consist of ongoing activities to monitor, evaluate, research, develop, test, build new projects and businesses.

We have standard methods for Feasibility Studies and Technology/Business Transformation that often involve changes to business processes, technologies, IT systems, organisations and cultures.

Our standard Transformation report contains a situation assessment, scope of work/requirements, current status of each requirement, GAP Analysis to highlight the Issues/Problems and recommended options/solutions for each GAP.

3R Bioindustry roadmap

Ethanol IndustryGrowing the industry Parabolic mirrors to steamHarnessing the power of nature BiodigestorImproving Anaerobic Digestion

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