Ethanol Industry

Sugar to Fuel

The Australian sugar industry is facing new challenges with the decline in global sugar consumption.  However, 3R believes significant opportunity exists for the industry to redirect some production towards ethanol – a waste product generated through the cane production process.

3R Ethanol Industry Vision

The ethanol industry in Australia is currently in its infancy due to lack of investment and vision however significant potential for ethanol use exists by replacing fossil fuels with a bio fuel.

With only a few alterations, ethanol can be used as jet fuel, road transport diesel and bunker oil (marine transport oil).

The Queensland Govt has already mandated that ethanol must be blended with current fossil fuels to reduce the use of the latter and this requirement is likely to increase over time.

3R is committed to encouraging the growth of the Australian ethanol industry and many of our other technologies, when implemented, will assist in stimulating development of the industry by creating an immediate market for the bio fuel – for example to be used in the steam engine process.

Bio industry roadmap


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