Parabolic mirrors to steam

Parabolic Mirrors

A parabolic mirror is a reflective surface used to collect or project energy such as light, sound, or radio waves.

Built on lightweight aluminium, they are easily transport and assembled and offer a genuine alternative to more traditional solar photovoltaic panels.

3R Parabolic Mirror Vision

3R Consultants have identified significant efficiency benefits through the use of parabolic mirrors to collect and produce energy.

By collecting heat from the sun, our vision is to then use water to produce steam or another heat carrier such as sodium chloride brine which then is fed through a heat storage system into a high pressure steam engine (Pritchard) then on to a low pressure steam engine to produce electricity and heat.

Where energy collected using Solar PV panels has to be stored in batteries at night and requires significant initial capital cost investment, the heat storage facility of the parabolic mirrors allow them to keep running 24 hours a day.

Another by product of the parabolic system is the production of potable water from tailing dams.

This technology has already been feasibility tested by 3R and equipment is ready and is currently awaiting a working prototype project opportunity to full test and prove.

Mirrors to steam

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