Plasma gasification for waste

The Plasma Gasification Process

Plasma gasification is a process which converts organic matter into synthetic gas, electricity, and slag using plasma.

A plasma torch powered by an electric arc, is used to ionize gas and catalyze organic matter into synthetic gas and solid waste (slag).

Any inorganic matter going through the arc is melted (or fluidised) and drops into a floating bed of a glass like material. This is then either produced into solid blocks or gravel to be used as a road base.

It is used commercially as a form of waste treatment and has been tested for the gasification of biomass and solid hydrocarbons, such as coal, oil sands, and oil shale.

3R Plasma Gasification Vision

3R Consultants have identified the opportunity to convert the 400 tonne per day of solid municipal waste (SMW) generated in the Cairns Regional Council region, into either electricity or biofuel rather than putting it into landfill.

The plasma gasification process can be used to clean mine tailings, atomic waste, e waste, rubber tires with zero wastage and the technology is commercial and ready to go in Australia.

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