Pritchard Steam Engine

The Pritchard Steam Engine

The Pritchard steam power unit, developed by Australian engineer, Ted Pritchard in the 1960s, is still far ahead of most internal combustion engines in its fuel economy and its pollution-free emission.

The low emissions are partly due to the consistent range of temperature throughout the combustion chamber when compared to other internal combustion engines.

3R Steam Engine Vision


3r steam engine

Industrial design for the exterior of the first commercial model of the Uniflow 5kW solid fuel generator.

Working pro-actively, 3R believes that use of the Pritchard steam engine principles offers enormous potential for fuel conversion in the transportation industry.  While traditional steam engines are old and inefficient, the low emissions and high performance of the Pritchard model offers genuine benefits, not the least of which is the recycling of water within the engine.  The engines produce very little carbon dioxide and just have low level water emissions instead.

We are working with Uniflow to reintroduce this engine into automotive and long distance haulage (trains) to replace diesel.  A working protoype is expected in Australia in late 2016.

This engine can be integrated into either the plasma gasification process or our bio digesters so that instead of having an internal combustion engine will have a steam engine.   These engines can be used to power cane trains across Queensland, utilising sugar to create the ethanol, but also long distance trains.

Use of this engine will also help stimulate the national ethanol industry as this can be used to power the steam.

Mirrors to steam


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